Want a purse that feels like leather but no animals are harmed?  How about a purse that none of your friends will have?  You have to check out my Paper Bead Purses... This is just a sample of some of the purses that I can show you.  We delight in making each paper bead purse.  What I love about this is, your imagination is the only thing standing in the way of making a purse that is very individual to your taste. 

        I am finding that people were scrapbooking for a while grew tired and now have ton of great paper.  Why not make a one of a kind purse from it.  You can make paper beads from all kinds of paper... wrapping paper, newspaper, magazines (like the one in the upper left corner) junk mail, phone books, paper bags, etc... This is the ultimate in recycling... I believe that eco friendly no longer has to be ugly or boring.  Get making a paper bead purse of your own today with The Paper Bead Roller. 

       This is also a great offer, you can oder from me a specially made paper bead purse. Pick your colors, pick your style and we hand make each bag.  The great thing about us is, we try to make each purse ourselves and if we can't we employ people that need the work, here in the United States.  Times are tough so we are happy to be employing many with this new tool and purses.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me and we will try to help you out.